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One day a little radish went on a walk. She realized that there was a great big world with a great many things to see and a great many people to meet. This is her story.

It's an interesting experience to live through your twenties and almost halfway through your thirties when you realize that everything that has happened in your life - good, bad, funny, sad - has been leading up to making the decision to leave what you know behind and jump into a new beginning full of risk and adventure.


My name is Beth, and I am the Wandering Radish. "Wandering" because I have chosen to wander through a world that, up until recently, only encompassed the small one I had created for myself. "Radish" because my last name sounds a bit like it, and it is part of who I am.


This site is meant to be a journal, a blog, a collection of stories from anyone who has a story to share: fellow wanderers, smiling strangers, soul mates I meet along the road. This could be in my hometown of Seattle, a few miles away in the U.S., or halfway around the world. 


And this site is meant to inspire, as much as one little website can. Is there something you've wanted to do in your life that you have put off? A project? A trip? Even the tiniest of ideas swirling around your brain. The hardest part of starting a new venture/adventure/path/project is that first step. Always will be. Maybe my words, stories, and interviews with other inspiring people can help you realize that once you take that first step, no matter the outcome, it IS worth it.


I believe we were put on this planet to learn. Learn about yourselves and about others. My journey is not only for me, but for you.




Seoul Subway, March 2014

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