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Food Friday 4.10.2015

Let another Food Friday commence!!!

Yukhoe bibimbap (육회 비빔밥) from a traditional Korean food restaurant in Insadong. Yes, that IS raw beef, and it was extremely good. The photo in the middle is the banchan (반찬, side dishes). Almost every meal comes with banchan, almost always kimchi and/or pickled radish, and the selection is different depending on the restaurant you go to.

Apricot citrus tea at a tea shop in Insadong.

Love me some juk (죽) in the Hongdae area. So much juk. This is tuna and vegetable and it was quite tasty, but I still think I prefer mushroom beef.

Bulgogi in Hongdae. This was my favorite meal since arriving. Many times the seasoned bulgogi (like last week) is just thrown on a flat grill and cooked. This was unseasoned, super good beef. They put broth around the edge (in what I can only think of as a moat) and once the beef is cooked on top, you put it in the broth. That stops the cooking process, keeps it warm, and adds amazing flavor. I have no doubt I will be eating this again. And again. And probably again.

And now a food collage for your enjoyment!

Top row: Carmel and chocolate honey bread; fried chicken

Middle row: Some kind of soup (soup is eaten with many different meals here, so I can't really remember which one this is...and there may have been alcohol involved); a red bean paste filled bread shaped like, um, poop; many different things covered in jeon

Bottom row: Beef BBQ at one of my favorite places very close to my guesthouse; egg roll (filed with rice, cheese, some other stuff, and covered in ketchup and other sauces), yes it was served in a dust pan

One of the most amazing things about traveling is trying new and local foods. I am very glad that I walk a bunch every day, and that my guesthouse doesn't have a scale. I don't see myself slowing down on the amazing cuisine in Korea any time soon!

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