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Food Friday 4.17.2015

Grapefruit beer and fried chicken gizzards in Hongdae. I had this at lunch with a Korean friend and he was quite surprised that I, as an American, would eat gizzards. Blame my Southern mother. Thanks Mom!

Egg bread from a street vendor in Hongdae. The bread tastes exactly like sweet cornbread and since I love egg so, so much, this is one of my new favorite quick bites.

Clams and...maggots (I have no idea what they really are, what bug they turn into, or what they are called). These are sometimes served as a side dish, though it was the first time I had seen them. Yes, I tried them. I have a strict "try anything once" policy. They tasted great but the texture was absolutely terrible. Thank goodness for soju to wash it down.

April 14 was Black Day (블랙데이) in Korea, a "holiday" where singles get together, eat jjajangmyeon (짜장면), and watch movies or dramas. My friend Cherry and I ordered in and watched a really good Taiwanese movie. This stuff is so tasty, but so very greasy.

Vatos is a chain of fusion Mexican restaurants in Seoul. I went to the Itaewon location with a couple friends and it is fantastic! The kimchi fries were super tasty, with kimchi, spicy sauce, shredded pork, and much more. The two kinds of tacos we tried were galbi (beef) and shrimp. Both completely scrumptious. My only issue with this place was the price. Westernized food tends to be overpriced, but I guess that is to be expected.

Large photo: Dwaeji gukbap (돼지국밥) is a fantastic pork soup that is perfect for rainy, colder days, or when you want something light. I have to mention that the kimchi at this restaurant was the BEST I have ever had. I will be going back and begging the owner to let me buy some...if she understands me.

Small photos:

Top left: A spicy ramen dish with tteok, glass noodles, other veggies, and hot dog. Yes, hot dog. And it was SUPER tasty.

Top right: This was a gigantic dish that fed five people. Glass noodles, chicken, very spicy. Unlike in America, in Korea they include pretty much every part of the chicken. I used to dislike every part of the chicken other than the breast, but my tastes have changed quite a bit!

Bottom left: This is a wild Mark (Kpopstay owner) in his natural habitat (a bar), with a dog belonging to the bar owner. Nope, not food. But thought I would throw this picture in. Hopefully he will be slightly embarassed when he finds out.

Bottom right: More Yukhoe bibimbap (육회 비빔밥) in Hongdae. This was actually better than the one I had in Insadong. Also, more BBQ pork.

Hope your eyes are satisfied and your tummies are rumbling. Now I am off on an adventure that I will tell you all about another day! Enjoy your Friday!

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